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About Roboid Incorporated

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Roboid Incorporated is a free persistent browser-based massively multiplayer online text game. It plays in tick-based real time with strategic and RPG (Role-Playing Game) elements. As a citizen of a futuristic capitol city torn apart by war, you find yourself immersed in the popular sport of combat bot fighting. Trainers buy and customize combat robots sold primarily by the mega corp Roboid Incorporated.

An advanced Roboid combat bot.

The corporation was the top supplier of military equipment during the war and has created the popular sport to extend the demand for their bots. As you play, you will discover a growing cast of in-game characters who have their own opinions about Roboid Incorporated. Find out why some say the company is not all they claim to be, and decide for yourself which side you're on!

Earn money, train your Roboid, purchase upgrades and increase stats. Then fight in practice matches with randomly generated opponents or head to head fights with other online players. When you're ready, enter your Roboid in large tournaments against other players.

Rise up the ranks, complete missions, meet other players and unravel the story behind: Roboid Incorporated!


Screenshots (Full & Mobile)

New features are being added regularly, so there might be changes and additions to what you see here!



  • Free: Sign up and play the full game completely for free (F2P). In-game purchases are totally optional.

  • RPG: Play as your own character, level-up your stats, explore missions and choose your own path. Optional role-playing aspect with a growing player community.

  • Played In The Browser: Nothing at all to install or download. Play in any standard or mobile browser on any online device!

  • Missions: Rich story elements and clear objectives provide direction and context in the game. New story chapters and missions will be released regularly in seasons.

  • Interface: Roboid uses vibrant graphics, photos and text to play the game. This keeps it simple, fast, and bandwidth light. Great for both casual and hardcore players.

  • Strategic: Easy to play but difficult to master, there's something for everyone!

  • Persistent (PBBG): The world and actions taken by the player remain when they are offline and can be continued later.

  • Mobile: The entire website and game are in a fluid-width layout and can be played on any desktop, tablet, phone or other modern mobile device. In fact, it is optimized for mobile game play.

  • Tick-Based: The player must recover or complete some actions before they can do them again.

  • Screen-Reader Friendly: We are continuously working to improve the game for the visually impaired.

News & Updates
  • Aug 24, 2022: Duel Mission Change, Bug Fixes and Small QOL Improvements
  • Oct 22, 2021: Bug Fix in Equipment Condition
  • May 17, 2021: Game Updated & End Of Round!!
  • More News & Updates
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