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Roboid Incorporated - The Game

Join the growing number of players training their combat bots, participating in fights, completing missions and unravelling the story of Roboid Incorporated. You can read about the game, view screenshots, or register for free!

Game Features:

  • FREE to register and play!
  • Mobile friendly design.
  • Fast and bandwidth friendly.
  • Tick/time-based strategy RPG.
  • Engaging player community.
  • A rich, persistent world and story.
  • Progressive mission system.
  • PvP robot combat.
  • Appropriate for ages 13+.

News & Updates
  • Aug 23 2016: EOR Prep DONE!!
  • Apr 05 2016: End Of Round Prep Underway
  • Mar 09 2016: Minor Update to Team Pay Out UI
  • More News & Updates
Train, Fight, Explore and Win.
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