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! DUEL Mission Help
Started By: Elsereth[Joined: Oct 2014Posts:5]
Posted on 2021-05-19 1:00pm
If you need help finding a duelling partner for the duel mission, use this thread to locate fellow players in the same boat. Post your combat class and approximate times you are online (we go by EST time zone).

If you are an advanced player and willing to drop HP to help out players on this mission also please post.


- You can find a list of online players here:

- Also if you see me online, message me and I'll drop HP to duel you a few times. 8-)
Edited on 2021-05-19 1:00pm
ShadowBroker[Joined: Jan 2015Posts:2]
Posted on 2021-07-12 12:55am
I'll help too once I reach that level. *dance*
noeljbass[Joined: Jan 2020Posts:1]
Posted on 2021-11-13 3:49pm
I am willing to drop HP to help players with duels. Currently lightweight, but since this season is a bit slow, I might be higher by the time someone shows up. Email me if inactive:

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