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! *!* SUPERWEIGHT CHAMPION *!* (End Of Round 1)
Started By: CCCBL
Posted on 2021-05-17 2:34pm
SuperWeight Champion!

Congratulations Mirkotatto!

The Capitol City Combat Bot League is pleased to announce the results of this round's SuperWeight championship!

The title fight against the defending champion: Trainer AdaSilver, was viewed by a record number of citizens city-wide.

With a decisive blow from Mirkotatto's bot's advanced weaponry, the fight came to an explosive and satisfying end with AdaSilver's bot a heap of scrap metal!

Elsereth Is Our Round Champion!

The Podium:

1. Mirkotatto
2. Segrob
3. SilverCel
4. Elsereth
5. Malkev
6. GentooC
7. Kosmoska
8. Snowvaan
9. N0b0dy
10. rawman

(Podium ranks are awarded prizes for next round.)

This now triggers the end of this game round. The game will be reset following any end of round story events.

If you notice the site has been locked down in the near future - this means we are processing the changeover to the new round. This may take a few days, but you will be able to use your existing player account when the new round begins. Check back soon and follow us on social media (@SilverKeyGames) for new round status updates.

Thank you for playing, and we'll see you next round- where the competition heats up with new features and a newly even playing field!


Elsereth and Your Admin Team
Roboid Incorporated *bot1*
Edited on 2021-05-19 1:02pm
Elsereth[Joined: Oct 2014Posts:5]
Posted on 2021-05-17 4:14pm
The new features and updates for Round 2 are also now available.

New Features:

- Team Express Gym: Team leaders can grant their team members better training results at the gym.

- Multiple duel requests, and duel invites last longer.

- Weapon, armor and nav kit condition. They 'break' when worn out. The store also sells damaged items. The motivation behind this was to drive the economy and spur more equipment buying.

- New line of Warmonger bots!

- More weapons.

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