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X Editing a forum post andtrying to quote.
Started By: SilverCel[Joined: Nov 2014Posts:0]
Posted on 2015-05-30 2:31pm
As the title says, there is a bug that occurs when editing an existing post and trying to quote.

What happens is that the original content of the message, to be edited, is completely replaced with the quote. When clicking on edit for any (same or different) of your posts and trying to quote any message (same or different), the text is replaced with 2 quotes: the newest on the top.

I tried again and got 3 stacked quotes. I guess it probably repeats forever if you continue. It makes me wonder if it can surpass the character limit like this and spam the forum with huge posts.

What I expect from the quote feature is that it adds the quote below the existing message, NOT replacing it.

It does work properly when writing new messages.
Edited on 2015-05-30 2:32pm
Elsereth[Joined: Oct 2014Posts:5]
Posted on 2015-05-31 10:37pm
That's because quoting switches to a reply, not an edit.

Um. Hm. Have to figure out if this is a bug, or desirable behavior... *eh*
SilverCel[Joined: Nov 2014Posts:0]
Posted on 2015-05-31 11:29pm
It would make more sense if quote just dumped the 'quote snippet' into the TextField, no mater if it was a reply or an edit.
Edited on 2015-12-02 5:09pm
Elsereth[Joined: Oct 2014Posts:5]
Posted on 2015-06-01 12:33pm
I will have to keep track of which text area is active (they are different).

I'll look into it as a low priority enhancement.
Elsereth[Joined: Oct 2014Posts:5]
Posted on 2015-12-02 5:09pm

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