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+ Tagging
Started By: GentooC[Joined: Dec 2015Posts:76]
Posted on 2016-02-22 5:36pm
While other part of the game (like scavegging, hacking, crafting, the story...)
exited me and tell me: "Play Roboid!", the tagging less. I ask me why, because the idea of tagging is one of the best of the game, and I realize one think. The tagging is too much fast: in half the day Capitol City is completly changed. And another thing is that the option you have is too much limitated. Can be more exiting if tagging is more strategic, for example if you can choose the type of action to perform in a sector. Like an little risiko. This make more sense to the forum section, now whit only comment like "i tag x" or "i tag y".
Edited on 2016-02-22 5:40pm
SilverCel[Joined: Nov 2014Posts:563]
Posted on 2016-02-22 11:30pm
So you are saying you want it to be more of a mini-game, right?

I also felt like tagging wasn't as much fund as the other actions. You are right that just deciding where to tear down or put up a poster isn't much of a mini-game and isn't much fun.

Tagging definitely needs some changes. You suggested more kinds of actions with a risk, but what else can you think of?
Edited on 2016-02-22 11:31pm
GentooC[Joined: Dec 2015Posts:76]
Posted on 2016-02-23 4:20am

Quote: SilverCelSo you are saying you want it to be more of a mini-game, right?
Not at all. I don't think that the game need another mini-game now. I intend that the action can be more strategic. However, a think that make the game so awesome is that all the think is correlated: game is fused whit reality (too nice is the error 404 page) and is a rich RPG but is equal light and textual. I think that make the tagging more fused whit the other think improve this aspect of the game. A stupid example: The tagging can be transformed into a minigame adding more region of the city,more coloured tags whit divers behavior... But this isn't what I mean. I mean do a few changes to tagging (like make quartier less volubile) ,then connect tagging whit the other thing: for example every region have a Num of item in the store and you can only view and buy from what you control, or maybe extra zone when scavegging based on what places you control....
About the risk, I don't think that tagging have some risk, maybe a % to saw by police or someone of the other side (if you tag in enemy territory) can make the tagging more intresting, but not a minigame
SilverCel[Joined: Nov 2014Posts:563]
Posted on 2016-02-25 12:23am
Oh ok, I get what you mean now. You want it to be more integrated with the rest of the game features and with the story.

Thanks for sharing that. I hadn't thought about the importance of having features connecting and affecting different parts of the game in a broader way than just giving money or a bonus.
ShadowBroker[Joined: Jan 2015Posts:133]
Posted on 2016-02-25 7:33pm
Will be easier to do when there are more features in the game. And things like faction wars.

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