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+ Join the Gas Punk Society TODAY!
Started By: SilverCel[Joined: Nov 2014Posts:563]
Posted on 2015-01-14 5:43pm
Are you an amateur historian with a special interest in later 1900s and early 2000s culture? Are you eager to experience this amazing part of history, today? Join the gas punk society and be part of an entire movement of likeminded individuals who share this same passion.
cyberwolf150[Joined: Dec 2014Posts:15]
Posted on 2015-01-16 7:06pm
*bot5* Does this society approve of SteamPunks?
SilverCel[Joined: Nov 2014Posts:563]
Posted on 2015-01-20 4:38pm
Upon conferring with my fellow GasPunks, we all agree that SteamPunk is an integral part of our Society and are all very welcome.

SteamPunk is not only the base ideology from which GasPunk grew, but SteamPunk was also a part of the culture that GasPunks are influenced by!

From a purely historical perspective, we would be very interested in the cultural influence of SteamPunk on the late 1900s and early 2000s. There are even some GasPunks that specialize in recreating the SteamPunk revival movement of the 2020s.
cyberwolf150[Joined: Dec 2014Posts:15]
Posted on 2015-01-21 11:47pm
Alright then lets get started on the story, shall we.
SilverCel[Joined: Nov 2014Posts:563]
Posted on 2015-01-30 3:27am
Calling out to all members. There will be a society meeting all day on Friday February 6 2115 at the Seimor Center in the Downtown district.

A special showcase of authentic cars of the period will be held in the Seimor Plaza out front. Anyone owning an authentic or remodeled car from 1980-2035 is welcome to bring it to the showing.

A number of guest speakers will give presentations thought the day.
Ernst Hoggel: TV and the rise of commercialism.
Terri Shamer: Fast food, living life in the fast lane.
Dr. Demitri Petrovich: The psychological effects of globalization.
Louis Delbian: Ye old world wide web.

One of our speakers, Dr Irwan Gregor has disappeared and no one has been able to get a hold of him. He has gained quite a lot of attention since releasing his study comparing the global car boom of the 2000s against our current Roboid driven economy. We managed to book him to do a lecture on the parallels of recent events and those of the great oil crash of 2045.

In case Dr. Gregor doesn't get back to us, we are looking for anyone who can fill in for him on short notice. Any topic is admissible, as long as it fits the time period and doesn't overlap with the other presenters. Please respond if you are interested.
Edited on 2015-01-30 3:28am
cyberwolf150[Joined: Dec 2014Posts:15]
Posted on 2015-01-31 11:43pm
Hi there i'm here to apply as a speaker my names Nicholas i am an expert on SteamPunks.
SilverCel[Joined: Nov 2014Posts:563]
Posted on 2015-02-01 2:01am
The applicant is escorted into the modest office of the Delbian Imports Company. The office doubles as the meeting place for the GasPunk Society committee. A large oak conference table occupies the center of the room. Sealed boxes lie scattered about the remaining space.

Ah yes, Mr. Woolfwood I remember you. You came in before asking how we felt about SteamPunk culture. Me and my colleagues had some interesting discussions about the topic and since then we have all been very keen on hearing more.

Louis Delbian gestures for him to take a seat in a replica circa 2000 office wheelie chair.

You couldn't have come at a better time. As you know our headliner speaker cannot be reached. I was beginning to worry that without Dr. Gregor, not many would bother attending the speaker panels. However, a presentation on SteamPunk culture by an expert might be just the thing to catch everyone's interest.

If you could leave us with your contact information, we will keep you informed of developments. Though whether Dr Gregor shows up or not, I'm sure the committee will find time for your presentation.
cyberwolf150[Joined: Dec 2014Posts:15]
Posted on 2015-02-02 11:23pm
Alright, but one thing i don't exactly have much of any kind of contact info except for an address so here ya go
SilverCel[Joined: Nov 2014Posts:563]
Posted on 2015-02-08 12:56am
Several copies of the GasPunk Society Times sit neatly stacked beside the manual printing press in a corner room of the Delbian Imports Company. The front page article reads as follows

Feb 7th, 2115 Edition

Yearly Event, Smashing Success
Yesterday was the highly anticipated GasPunk society meeting. At 257 attendees, this event topped even last years extravaganza. The car show was a treat as always, with an authentic 1982 Toyota Camry being on display this year. The 2017 rebuilt Ford Focus was once again present at the show, and rides around the parking lot were given away as a prize to 10 lucky winners of the charity raffle. A big thanks goes out to the Delbian Imports Company, for providing free transport for all the vehicles at the show.

The talks were well attended and many heated discussions were had. I'm sure that for weeks to come, we will be printing many letters to the editor voicing your opinions on the various topics covered.

Notable mention goes to the the catering at the "Fast food, living life in the fast lane" where people got to try popular foods from the era.

Also worth mentioning was the talk on "Ye old world wide web" were genuine AOL Online CDs were given out to all attending. It is amazing to think people put up with all the craziness like throttling, spam, identity theft, and ad-metrics. It truly was something that could only exist in the old world!

The real highlight of the day was an unexpected guest lecturer by the name of Nicholas D. Wolfwood. He comes from parts unknown but arrived just in time to take the place of Dr Irwan Gregor, who has yet to be heard from. If you couldn't be at this year's event, you will have to get your hands on tomorrow's copy of the GasPunk Society Times to get all the details of the special presentation by Mr. Wolfwood on the history and culture of Steam Punk society. If you were at the event there is no way you missed his presentation, but still think of purchasing a copy of the paper because all proceeds from the event as well as this whole week's sales will be going to support victims of The War and of radiation sickness.
Edited on 2015-02-08 1:10am
cyberwolf150[Joined: Dec 2014Posts:15]
Posted on 2015-02-09 11:36pm
Nicholas sits in his living room of his apartment. His television is on, it is a small 40 inch TV with old cable hook ups. His apartment is old dusty and very cheap he could afford a new but decided not to. Mostly because he was going to buy some upgrades to his Roboid but he doesn't exactly trust them yet.

The television is reviewing his presentation on the Steam Punk culture it says as follows:

This amazing event that had gathered here was stupendous. The speech made her today was a good way to learn what people were thinking in our late past. We were unable to gain an interview with the speeker Mr.Wolfwood but we did get a word in with some viewers. This is what they had to say...
Pedestrian "I was inspired by this and i am trying to write a book based on this culture so Mr. Wolfwood if your watching could you give me a call".

Nick thinks about the offer but decides against it. If he got to meet with one guy than other people would want to see him and that would not turn out well.

The news continues

Pedestrian 2: "I had never heard of this so called expert and i surely would like to know who this man is".

Well there you have it folks Mr. Wolfwood mystery man or common pedestrian all this and more tomorrow on the Evening edition of Roboid inc news.

Nick turns the TV off and leans back in his chair pondering these questions and dozes off.

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