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+ Early Days
Started By: Argroww[Joined: Dec 2014Posts:37]
Posted on 2015-01-14 1:48pm
The Anthrorc compound shuddered as a minor earthquake struck a local faultline, rusted metal girders dripped reddish-brown flakes of iron unnoticed by anyone.

Deep within the compound the earthquake had a greater effect, a loose power cable dropped from it's casual position on a trolley onto a nearby power socket, a spark arced between the industrial cable and the waiting holes, suddenly the complex came to life, lights turning on with a THUNK.

Long inactive service roboids came to life, guided by a simple AI command that transmitted wirelessly throughout the compound, one of which secured the power cables position into the socket, re-inforcing the connection and thus pushing more power round the waking undergound tunnels. The Service roboids did as they were commanded, and set to ensuring that everything was in it's place and worked correctly, carrying out their last command, which in this case was to wake up the slumbering subjects that the compound had been build for, unknown of the reason why the power cable had been pulled in the first place.

Argroww's first memory was a blurred one, a steel silver-grey floor, a pool of liquid around him emptying into a grid, a roboid standing nearby, he wasn't sure how he knew it was a roboid, he just did. Placing hsi hands upon the surface he pushed himself up, weakly at first, his body being unused to having to do anything, the muscles slightly atrophied from lack of correct use, only sustained by a powerful mix of chemicals and electrical impulses.

Looking around his environment there were several other vats, lights blinking in some, others smashed, their occupants not only dead, but beyond recognition from the ravages of time. The one common feature of all the beings is that they shared some appearance with various animals, but clearly stood on 2 legs and possessed 2 arms, beyond that they were all of different shapes and sizes and genders.

Counting he saw 19 other vats in this room, 6 of which were broken, another 2 inactive, the lights no longer flashing and the occupants preserved, but likely dead. Another 4 vats were completely empty of anything but fluid and various tubes and cables. The remaining 7 vats appeared to still be sustaining their occupants, studying them he saw a rat-like male, a pig-like female, a genderless sheep-person, an avian that he couldn't be sure of and the other 3 his curious built-in knowledge couldn't identify, they looked to be some kinds of hybrids of different animals.

Wondering about his own situation he looked at his hands, covered in a grey fur, slight pads on his fingers, a long snout with a black soft nose at the end, pointy ears, sharp teeth, he was large too as far as he could tell, bigger than the other creatures he, both in height and potential bodymass, but it looked like what-ever had kept him alive only had limited ability to do so. He caught his reflection in one of the vats....ahh...a dog...or maybe a wolf? yes a wolf!

His stomach grumbled, without the chemical sustenance he needed something real to eat. Turning to the Roboid he spoke to it.

"Got any food round here?"

Surprisingly the machine responded with a few beeps and then in a synthesized voice simply said "follow me".

The Roboid led him down several corridors, most of which appears to lead to other rooms similar to the one he had left, the place had a very empty echo to it, only the noise of the moving Roboids echoing along the corridors. Finally he was brought to a large room that Argroww recognised as being some kind of mess hall, a long hatch along the back of the room being where food should have been served from...if there had been anyone to serve it.

Hunger overcoming anything else he climbed through the hole as the Roboid left to do what-ever it's programming told it to do. He now found himself in a kitchen of sorts, fairly spacious, shelves filled with the remains of food....presumably, it as so long rotted that even the mold had given up, however there were tins too, large industrial sized tins, and something told him that the contents would be designed to last and eternity. Grabbing a cleaver he placed a tin carefully onto the top of a rack and the swung the cleaver down, the strong steel of the cleaver easily bit through the tin, inside...meat, that was all he could describe it as. poking a finger into the "meat" he tried a small sample...bland, but edible...he hoped, then he continued to wolf down the rest of the contents.

It was clear to him at this point that he might be the only person here, why he was awoken and no-one else he couldn't be sure, maybe it was just his time, perhaps other would awaken soon?

It wasn't something he wanted to dwell on too long, he couldn't be sure if others like him would actually be friendly or sane, was he lucky or unlucky to have been awoken...still his senses told him that he was underground, so the only way now, was up.
Argroww[Joined: Dec 2014Posts:37]
Posted on 2015-01-18 6:29am
His hunger sated Argroww set to exploring the confines of his current dwelling, the kitchen he was in did not provide much in the way of entertainment, full of long rotted food and countless tins of unknown content. Had he been lucky in his find of a tin full of meat? Later he would find out when hunger struck him again, there must also be a store somewhere, this kitchen wasn't big enough to hold sufficient food for the entire complex.

He would worry about that later, approaching the door to the kitchen he found it was securely shut, but a button next to it proved to be an efficient release, however on the other side was a keypad and card slot, he had neither a card nor the combination. Looking around he wedged a sturdy looking chopping board into the slot the door would slide into and hoped it would be enough, he left the kitchen and watched as the door slid closed banged into the chopping board....and remained still, however he found that the door refused to slide back again when he tried to push it back into the open position. He sighed, clearly he'd have to go back through the hatch again when he wanted food later.

Wandering about the complex he found many doors that were similarly protected, keypads with card slots, the doors themselves refused to move. Eventually he got back to the area he had come from, in which he found several open rooms containing vats similar to his own room and in similar states, some broken, some still functioning, some containing fairly obvious hybrids, others containing monstrosities that he could only assume were dead, or would die if ever awoken from their current slumber.

Argroww studied one of the vats closely, the occupant was still alive according to the read-outs and he guessed fairly close to being human, unlike himself. Appeared to be female, wings on it's back, the upper torso strengthened to support the additional musculature of wings and arms, attractive he guessed. He shrugged and moved on, they all might as well be coffins for all he know about how the things worked, he didn't even know why he was released, but he'd found no other vats that had been opened correctly, several that had been broken though.

After another wander through similar looking corridors he found some stairs next to a lift, not really being sure of the lift he took the stairs and found himself in what might be the residential section. This time the doors were only slot protected, made no difference though he still had no card, some of the rooms though had open doors, perhaps left casually open by what-ever caused the evacuation. He looked in some of the rooms, most pretty simple and bare rooms, a bed, a desk, a monitor and workstation, a wardrobe, a few pictures here and there, each room designed to hold either 1 or 2 people from what he could tell.

One room had a person lying on the floor, mummified in what-ever it was they'd been wearing which had broken down somewhat, the room smelled musty and not very pleasant, he moved on.

After a few more corridors, separated only by some numerical system he found what he was hoping for, an exercise room, which he started on, some of the equipment was broken down, the service Roboids clearly having better things to do, but some items, like the weights were fine, so he set about using them, aware that his body was under-developed for his size, he need to work on that and improve his condition.
Elsereth[Joined: Oct 2014Posts:710]
Posted on 2015-01-18 1:23pm
Deep in the bowels of the compound, a lone computer beeped to life. The screen, cracked and caked with dust displayed several lines of cryptic machine-code scrolling up the screen.

struct group_info init_groups={ .usage=ATOMIC_INIT(2)};struct group_info *groups_alloc(int gidsetsize){ struct group_info *group_info; int nblocks;int i;nblocks = (gidsetsize + NGROUPS_PER_BLOCK - 1) / NGROUPS_PER_BLOCK;nblocks = nblocks ? : 1; group_info = kmalloc(sizeof(*group_info) + nblocks*sizeof(gid_t *), GFP_USER); group_info->ngroups = gidsetsize;

After completing its diagnostic cycle, the screen remained dark for several minutes before a message appeared on-screen and remained there. The computer continued to hum but gave no further output.

AnthRORC Inc.
Laboratory 14
... Motion Sensors Activated...
Security Alert: RED.
Security Protocol B55-B Activated.
Activating security bots.... failed.
Activating cam-turrets.... failed.
Activating security cameras.... failed.
Security Protocol B55-C Activated.

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