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+ Durability on gear
Started By: SilverCel[Joined: Nov 2014Posts:563]
Posted on 2015-11-14 10:56pm
Crafting is on the way, which will lead to TONS of items flooding the After Market.

To give us an incentive to keep crafting and buying stuff once we do get high tier gear, I thought it might be a good idea to add a durability to weapons, armor and even Nav Kits. Having to replace them every once in a while will keep the demand up.

What does everyone think? Would this
A) become an annoyance
B) make things better by making crafting and buying/selling on the After Market more useful

Maybe instead of the item being un-useable or vanishing after reaching 0 durability, it could tie into the quality tier system and drop a tier then reset it's durability, like: Custom->Elite->Superior->Common->Used->Defective

So you keep the Custom and Elite stuff for hard fights and have to buy/craft new ones every once in a while, and use the 'worn out' ones (that become Superior or Common) for duels or easy fights.
Edited on 2015-11-14 10:57pm
Elsereth[Joined: Oct 2014Posts:710]
Posted on 2015-11-15 7:07pm
I LIKE this a lot! *thumbup*
ShadowBroker[Joined: Jan 2015Posts:133]
Posted on 2015-11-15 9:14pm
*thumbup* *thumbup*
SilverCel[Joined: Nov 2014Posts:563]
Posted on 2015-11-16 9:20pm
We will need to see how crafting works out and if it can supply the demand.

Right now I'm in an odd positions where I doubt anyone would be able to make the gear I need BUT I already acquired pretty much the best stuff, so I would never buy anything even if they did (maybe high armors with special buffs, but that is all I need).

If my gear slowly degraded then I would have to rely on the After Market to keep my bot in top fighting shape. I just hope there would be players who can make the gear I would need *XD*
GentooC[Joined: Dec 2015Posts:76]
Posted on 2016-02-22 5:01pm
Yes, good Idea. but:
-The amount of money to spend go HIGH, then the degradation must be not too fast
-It's difficult to take a robot in best condition, but this make the battle more 'underground'.
However sound good.
Read this some ideas went to me:
- the workbench can be used whit other pieces for repairing
- The weapon and the armor can be damaged in the battle suddent a critical hit, make those unusable for the duration of the fight, but later you can recalibre it

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