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+ Happy Fathers' Day!
Started By: Elsereth[Joined: Oct 2014Posts:711]
Posted on 2015-06-20 6:59pm
To all the superhero dads out there- enjoy your day tomorrow!

(Malkev is getting bacon for breakfast and presents!! *heart*)
Malkev[Joined: Oct 2014Posts:35]
Posted on 2015-06-21 8:39pm
Mmmmmm....bacon. :-D

Love you hun!
SilverCel[Joined: Nov 2014Posts:563]
Posted on 2015-06-21 11:07pm
Happy father's day to all the dads!

Don't forget that if you have a dad, today and any day really, is a good day to say thanks for all they do for us!!
Zephyr[Joined: Jun 2015Posts:4]
Posted on 2015-06-22 6:13pm
Not sure why, but Father's day in Australia isn't until September..
SilverCel[Joined: Nov 2014Posts:563]
Posted on 2015-06-24 5:33pm
Haha, ya I noticed that when I looked up where/when it was celebrated. I wasn't sure how global this holiday was.

I guess each country has it's own schedule of holidays. Even between Canada and the US we have different days for some holidays (Thanks Giving comes to mind).
Elsereth[Joined: Oct 2014Posts:711]
Posted on 2015-06-24 10:42pm
Well that's interesting. Apologies to our international players! ;-)

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