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++ The Bar
Started By: Malkev[Joined: Oct 2014Posts:35]
Posted on 2015-01-09 1:23am
Malkev sits right at the front of the bar, his mug grasped firmly in his left hand. A buttoned up shirt flap covers the space where his right arm should be. His face is pockmarked, half covered by a grizzled mustache and a thick layer of stubble. His hair is disheveled and there is a strange, manic look in his his gaze as he carefully eyes all those who enter the bar.

He's clearly had a bit too much to drink.

When approachable, he quickly begins to share his world view with any who would listen.

- Open your eyes kids. Wake up and smell the BS all around you!

Do you know who you're fighting for? Do you really? Look long and deep into the souls of the people who are telling you what to do?

You a Roboid junkie? Following the corporate master like a trained puppy? Ever wonder where all their money came from? Ever question what role they played in the war? No, of course you didn't. You're happy being their little dog aren't you? As long as you get your belly rubbed.

Oh, and you're no better, you FVR punks. Do you even know what FVR stands for or do you have to look it up? Think you're fighting for good, and freedom, and justice for all? You must be stupider than you look. All the money FVR funnels out of you even know where it goes? To the poor? Don't make me laugh.

Next time you bother to check, how bout you do your research and tell me who's bombing who?

Don't you get it? One's just as bad as the other. Half the people in one group are in bed with the other. They're all part of the same plan, you blind little yes-men. Keep the conflict going and all the bigwigs on both sides get money, get power.

And what do you get?

What the hell are you fighting for?
Elsereth[Joined: Oct 2014Posts:710]
Posted on 2015-01-09 12:54pm
Entering the bar in a sharp business suit and rimless glasses, Elsereth, media spokesperson for Roboid Incorporated eyes the drunk at the bar and gives him a wide berth.

Handing out flyers for the upcoming competition and chatting up several patrons, Elsereth then takes a seat, ordering a drink and taking a brief call on the comm-bud in one ear.

"... Set up a media conference, it's time for some good news..."
Argroww[Joined: Dec 2014Posts:37]
Posted on 2015-01-09 5:00pm
Argroww stalks in, striking a suspicious figure, for a start is huge, so much so he had to duck upon entering the bar.

Covered in a large trenchcoat and sporting a wide brimmed hat that shadows his face he also keeps his hands in his pockets.

~why did I come here?~ he thinks to himself, it was a danger for one such as him to be out in the public.

A failed experiment in anthropomorphic mutations, there are not many of his kind around, in fact he is not sure if he might even be completeley unique. Under the trenchcoat he feels far too warm, not helped by the thick fur that covers his entire body, hopefully hidden.

When he discovered the Roboids he had hoped that he might use them to ensure that he didn't have to go out in comfort, but no, the useless things were only any good for combat...well...not entirely useless, at least he made a bit of money from getting them doing that.

Approaching the bar he settles himself onto a stool, the wood creaking with his weight, but holding, looking at the barwoman he gruffly orders a drink. If she is at all curious by how he tries to avoid being seen she doesn't comment, he wouldn't be the first to want to hide their identity...although he is by far the largest customer she's ever served.
ShadowBroker[Joined: Jan 2015Posts:133]
Posted on 2015-01-09 5:58pm
A shadowy figure occupies one corner of the bar, completing suspicious business deals with the city's unsavory, untrustworthy, or unwanted.
cyberwolf150[Joined: Dec 2014Posts:15]
Posted on 2015-01-12 10:11pm
Nicholas D. Wolfwood enters the bar in a black suit with a white under shirt and a navy blue tie. He is a tall man about 6ft3in and has short black hair. He also has a robotic arm and a cyber eye along with a gun holster but with no gun.
"One drink please, water i don't drink."
SilverCel[Joined: Nov 2014Posts:563]
Posted on 2015-01-14 5:32pm
SilverCel casually walks into the bar and takes his usual seat in a private booth. Those who know him personally know him as Louis Delbian. Those who know him from the Roboid competition ring know him as the tenacious SilverCel.

At first glance his authentic early 21rst century style suit and power tie make him stand out like a sore thumb. After the initial wonder passes, an even more peculiar event occurs. Once seated, he removes a strange parcel from under his arm and unfolds it in front of himself. Upon closer look it appears to be several sheets of paper; however, unlike smart paper the words do not change dynamically and the reader must turn over many sheets to observe the entire contents. Older citizens or historians might recognize it as organic pulp paper which became obsolete over 50 years ago, before the war, when cheap and durable smart paper was invented. Once comfortable, he calls out to the barkeep for a drink. Not only is his appearance out of place, but so is his speech.

Some might have heard of these oddballs. They proudly call themselves gasoline punks or gaspunks and obsess about culture from the late 1900s to early 2000s.

When he spies Malkev, he walks on over to meet him.

- Still spouting on about your conspiracies? When will you learn that the problems of today just become the inspirations of amateur historians from the next century. The world goes on, so enjoy every minute of it. Why don't we have another friendly sparring match between our bots to get your mind off this tiresome matter.

Those particularly observant might have noticed the ever so slight conspiratory wink as he spoke, or the remote tone of sarcasm in his voice.
Malkev[Joined: Oct 2014Posts:35]
Posted on 2015-01-17 11:34pm
Malkev sighs as he takes another drink from his mug, ignoring SilverCel for a moment. He eyes over the various patrons of the bar and smirks. It seems like everyone that comes here is either hiding something, or too caught up in their own problems.

He notes the tall mute drowning in his trenchcoat, the cyber killjoy who won't drink, the suit in the corner, and the thief in the shadows.

Finally, he glances back at Silvercel and shakes his head, as usual, at the man's outlandish outfit.

- Everyone's a character, he mutters, under his breath.

- Better to live in the present and notice today's problems than...than whatever the hell it is you do Lou. Yeah we're going to be somebody else's history...but why not be the generation that meant something...the people that changed their world for the better?

Why be trapped in the same cycle of corruption and war and not do something about it?

He stands, raising his voice so that the entire bar can hear.

- You hear that you bunch of punks!? Why not get off your asses and actually do something about it?

Before anyone has a chance to respond, he sits back down and motions for another drink.

- They don't listen..They don't ever listen, he mutters.
Argroww[Joined: Dec 2014Posts:37]
Posted on 2015-01-18 5:38am
Argroww left the bar and walked over to where the drunken man was, it was too quiet in here and this man was loud, it caught his attention.

"And what do you propose we do about it?" he growled, the words coming from a mouth that through genetic engineering could form words, but was far from perfect at doing it.
Malkev[Joined: Oct 2014Posts:35]
Posted on 2015-01-24 9:17pm
Malkev chuckles and then looks up at the creature before him. He eyes him up and down, nods to himself, and then gets back to his beer.

- I'll tell you what you do about it Big Bad. The first thing you do, is stop being a sheep, that follows blindly.

Take your case for example, mute, he says, deliberately emphasizing the last word.

- Ever wonder why you don't see more of your kind prancing about? he lowers his tone, when he notices others listening in.

- The truth is the Roboids and other corporations went crazy and experimented on everything and everyone. It was wrong, we all know it. I can see the anger you have for them son. It's written all over you.

He drains his mug and motions for another.

- That's why you fight for the rebellion isn't it kid? That's why you go to bed under bright red FVR sheets, huh?

But the truth is, the corporation is not the reason your kind has gone extinct. I've been in FVR a long time and the things I've seen...

He shakes his head.

- There was girl, like you. Red...fur I guess you'd call it. She was a sheep, like you, never saw it coming. Thought she was fighting the good fight. But an FVR posse came after her.

He looks away dejectedly. When his drink arrives, he grips it tight but does nothing more.

-One of them, he'd been a friend of mine once, told me all about it. They said she was a creature of the corporation, a spy, a monster. But that didn't stop them from.....he pauses. The things they did.

He finally takes his drink, draining it all slowly in one go.

- I'll tell you what you do Big Bad. You ask questions, you find out more. You prepare yourself. You make sure...

He glances at the buttoned up shirt flap covering his stump.

- You make sure they don't catch you unprepared.
cyberwolf150[Joined: Dec 2014Posts:15]
Posted on 2015-01-31 11:53pm
Hmmm... You like to talk alot don't you? (he turns to Malkev) I knew a man who talked alot but he's gone now. I don't know alot about this city being new and all, but what do know is that it doesn't matter who's side your on. The really point of it all is POV it isn't a matter of right or wrong its just power and money.
Malkev[Joined: Oct 2014Posts:35]
Posted on 2015-02-10 4:26pm
Malkev swivels around in his chair and looks at the man with the strange robotic arm and stranger cybernetic eye. He smirks to himself, but then recovers.

- Well I sure am popular today, aren't i? He looks over at SilverCel. When's the last time people actually listened to me Lou?

He then grins at the cybernetic man.

- The reason I talk so much, Robo-boy, is because I have things to say. You should worry that the man you knew disappeared after talking so much. Means you and I are not as safe as we should be. Means someone's keeping tabs on ideas they don't like. Is that the type of society you want to live in?

- But I do agree with you on one thing, kid. Regardless of your point of view, the side you're on doesn't mean a damn. Be it power, money, or popularity, each side is in it only for themselves and one is as corrupt as the other. I, for one, am tired of being a pawn while the powers-that-be play their games.

He taps the man on the shoulder, surprised, as he feels the clang of his metallic arm.

- You gotta tell me kid, are you trying to become a Roboid yourself? You look to be half machine as it is. At what point can we buy your model and upgrade your stats?

he laughs raucously to himself and then turns back to his drink.
cyberwolf150[Joined: Dec 2014Posts:15]
Posted on 2015-02-11 11:42pm
(Wolfwood gives a slight chuckle) There is only two reasons i have this arm. One it was cut off in an "accident". Two i use it for defense ( his hand shifts down and a head of a pistol pushes out of his arm and a trigger with a handle slips down to his hand) this baby was inspired by my friend. (He shifts the gun back into his arm) Don't worry that wasn't a threat but just a simple explaination as to the reason of my cybernetic arm. The eye has some meaning behind it being that it was shot but the bullet didn't go all the way through. By the way the names Nicholas Wolfwood and i don't drink because i was told it would not be good for my also cybernetic heart case you were wondering.
SilverCel[Joined: Nov 2014Posts:563]
Posted on 2015-02-12 12:13am
Louis takes a seat beside Malkev

Well Mal it's not so much the listening part that people have trouble with, it's the agreeing part. We all have different opinions and and some stick by them to their dying breath. That is what makes history so interesting. It gives every idea, every opinion, a voice to be heard. That is why I do so enjoy hearing your thoughts from time to time.

Gesturing to Malkev's missing right arm, he continues.

By the way as long as I have known you, you have never told me the story of how you lost your arm. Why is that?

He looks over at Nicholas Wolfwood, then turns back to Malkev

And why haven't you thought of getting a cybernetic replacement? I know you have the money...

My cousin lost his legs in an accident. He got fancy new cybernetic replacements. They almost look exactly like real flesh and bone. No one would be able to tell the difference.

If you don't care for just cosmetics, you could get a cyber enhancement like Mr Woolfwood here. No telling when something like that will come in handy. It might even end up saving you from losing your other arm...

Well enough of such somber things. I'm here to celebrate another win in the Robiod Ring! A round for everyone, on me.
Edited on 2015-02-16 9:25pm
YoMafuttinDaddy[Joined: Feb 2015Posts:117]
Posted on 2015-02-16 2:36pm
in walks a bulky man always wearing aviator shades and only Known as Hype, greased goatee and slicked back jet black hair, wearing black biker leathers with spikes on the shoulders, and wrists with a mohawked freestyle helm under his left arm

this isn't the FVR annual Rock concert ticket booth is it

without waiting for a reply he simply shrugs his shoulders and walks the end of the bar sits and pulls out an odd looking handheld device smaller than most Roboid transporter controller twirling it around his index finger and replaces it in a different pocket

orders his usual and looks around the room before landing his eyes on the crowd gathering and cocks his eyebrow

Ya'll never stop with your paranoia do ya?
Malkev[Joined: Oct 2014Posts:35]
Posted on 2015-04-04 9:59pm
Malkev cocks an eyebrow at the new man with the greasy hair, and then looks at Wolfwood. He chuckles and gives a meaningful look to Louis.

- Kids, he mutters under his breath. He then speaks up. All right, yunguns, the adults are talking. Go play with your cybernetic whatevers. He glances at Hype's device, and Wolfwood's arm.

He turns his attention back to Louis. That's why I like you, Lou. You're old school...and I mean old old school. He chuckles. You can't trust those doohicks and whatchamabobs. I'll bet anything they got it installed or bought it at a store and they have no idea what's really in their tech, or who built it and programmed it. Who knows what tracking device, or explosive is hiding in any of it?

He looks back to the younger men. You think I'm paranoid do you? He swivels awkwardly in his chair. You just haven't lived long enough to see your tech turn on you.

He slaps Louis amicably on the back. That's why I refuse to use any tech I haven't built, and routinely check myself.

He glances down at his stump. As far as this goes...sure, it has a story...but it'll cost you. Two things: First, the next drink is on you. He dolefully eyes his empty mug. And second, if you want to hear my story, I get to hear yours first. I've always seen you coming in here with those weird sheets on you. What's their story, and why are you always looking them over?
Edited on 2015-04-04 10:09pm
SilverCel[Joined: Nov 2014Posts:563]
Posted on 2015-04-07 3:00am
What's their story? Well it's more what they represent than what they say. I produce old style printed newspapers as a way to tangibly document our history as it happens. With virtual media there is no way to be sure what you know is real. One second it's there, the next it's replaced by the next headline or sound bite.

As you point out we have to be careful what tech we use. With virtual print, the facts can be rewritten without any trace of a change. I like the assurance that I can always turn back to what I read and see what was there. With my newspaper the words are fixed... in my hands... real!

It's the same with all things from that forgotten era. Everything seemed more real, more tangible. Today everything is shifting and obscure. We have lost touch with our identity. Now most everything is handled by big corporations and an army of bots. Even our last war was fought by proxy with bots.

Ergo my story is simple. I want to inscribe my story, your story, all our stories, for future generations. That way they can have something real to look back on, and we can retain our identity.

So what do you say I write down your story?

He looks to the barman and orders another round of drinks for everyone

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