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Started By: Frishhawk[Joined: Apr 2015Posts:1]
Posted on 2015-04-27 12:55pm
Hey, fellas. Ladies, too, I s'pose. I got bored, and did a lot of tagging today. Roboid controls the slums and the industrial sections now. Take that, F.V.R.!

Keep at it, Roboids. Let's keep those rust buckets out of our turf!
ShadowBroker[Joined: Jan 2015Posts:133]
Posted on 2015-04-27 3:56pm
*jaw drops open*

Um... wow. You're not kidding. 8-|
LMAOTNX[Joined: Dec 2014Posts:112]
Posted on 2015-05-28 12:34am
"Good evening ladies and gentleman, and welcome to TagThis-TagThat, the one show on Earth where YOU can learn how to tag like a pro". I'm LMAOTNX and today we're going to be talking with Frishhawk, an independent Roboid Tagger in the our city. We also have with us ShadowBroker, who is another independent Roboid Tagger in our city. More are ofcourse expected turn up and take part, maybe a little while later after we begin. Hello and Hi. So, tell me Frishhawk, ShadowBroker, where did it all start for you?"
Edited on 2015-05-30 12:16pm
SilverCel[Joined: Nov 2014Posts:563]
Posted on 2015-05-29 7:48pm
Louis Delbian happens to be strolling down the street where the holocast is being shot, just as a masked individual in baggy clothing interrupts the interview and begins shouting.

You can't expect the common people to buy into Roboid's propaganda war. All the money planned for urban renewal is being siphoned by Roboid and then used to fund their advertising campaigns.

Their agenda is to keep us starving and dependent on their meager handouts. They don't care about helping the people with their technology, they just care about protecting their corporate interests and will use that technology against anyone who speaks out against them.

In the end people will think for themselves will see though all the lies. As we speak the whole city is being plastered with a new message. You can't miss it. Just take a look for yourselves, see what Roboid doesn't want you to see.

As long as they continue posting up their lies, we will continue to tear them down and replace them with the truth!

The spectacle comes to an end as quickly as it began. The masked individual flees to a nearby van, waiting to rush him away to safety. The man passes Louis and the two look at each other briefly. Louis give the man a slight nod of agreement as he runs by.

Louis mutters to himself sourly.

I wonder how they are going to follow up on that. I bet they're going to cut it out of the final cast like they always do. I guess I'll just have to hack into their feed and save an unedited copy for my own archives.
Edited on 2015-05-29 7:56pm
FlameRobot[Joined: Apr 2015Posts:17]
Posted on 2015-05-30 5:23am
You cant expect us to do nothing with your actions rights? Industrial is my favorite region! Prepare for serious tag war!
LMAOTNX[Joined: Dec 2014Posts:112]
Posted on 2015-05-30 12:31pm
"Our apologies ladies and gentlemen, we have had a short political outburst from someone in the area. We ofcourse could have used that kind of debating on the FVR panel... Never mind... Once again Robiod is at fault. I guess they don't make them like they used to... HAHA! Anyway, moving on! Now, as we already know, and was just pointed out by our visitor, - A Tagging war is on... What do you have to say about that, ShadowBroker?"
ShadowBroker[Joined: Jan 2015Posts:133]
Posted on 2015-05-31 3:15pm
The ShadowBroker, sitting in a dark room in front of a huge bank of computer screens, leans back as one of the screens pings an alert.

One of her (his?) programs monitoring the newscasts has detected a topic of interest. ShadowBroker types a few lazy commands and instantly his shadowy form is broadcast over LMAOTNX's indie signal.

In an indistinct voice he says into the camera:

"Challenging me to step forward and defend Roboid is a calculated move LMAOTNX... but a foolish one.

I'm not Roboid's poster child. I'm not even their fan. What I am, is someone is recognizes opportunity when it slaps me in the face."

He reaches forward to tap a few keys and suddenly a series of images flash onto the screen. Building projects, factories, robots, teams of workers in offices, and more... flick,flick,flick... dozens of images.

"Others may come forward and spout paranoia about evil corporations and the like, but what is FVR doing besides running a few soup kitchens and obsessing about Roboid like a lovesick stalker? Roboid is building. Investing in the city, making something, anything happen. If you aren't standing under the raining money with a bucket, well... I'll gladly take your share."

She leans forward in her chair and a frame of spiked hair is visible in the shadows.

"Is Roboid corrupt? Who cares! Look at our radiation warped world! What isn't corrupt? I ate a burger from a two-headed cow the other day - we are all corrupt, and all dying. I'll side with whoever benefits ME, because I'm my only saviour. Not Roboid, not FVR. Me."

"I told you I was the wrong person to ask LMAOTNX... I don't have pretty answers. Oh. And if you call me out in a broadcast again... you'll find your bank account losing a few zeros."

With that, the TagThis-TagThat broadcast hack ends and the show's original feed resumes.
Edited on 2015-05-31 3:16pm
LMAOTNX[Joined: Dec 2014Posts:112]
Posted on 2015-05-31 5:15pm
"We're back... Ladies and gentlemen we had a slight satellite interference for a moment there and from this we received a brief hook-up, or broadcast from ShadowBroker. Indeed, ShadowBroker as we all know is, was a Roboid tagger in some of the districts where Frishhawk has been tagging and they have now set the record straight and made very clear that they are neither a Roboid, nor FVR supporter. There is ofcourse nothing wrong with that. There are people in the world who simply do NOT get too affiliated with either side. What about you Frishhawk, do you look at this as a way to be?"

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